The Sickness 

Hiro Sheuri lives a semi-comfortable life in the middle of a forest inhabited by territorial Jinns, except for the minor annoyance of being possessed by a Vampire Spirit. He has an easy job, cleaning up after the creatures of the Secret World run riot in human cities. He must hide the existence of Demons but they have started obliterating whole cities. His life becomes unwelcomingly interesting when he is attacked on what was supposed to be a straightforward job, by his enemy the A’richeils, hauntingly beautiful beings that feed on emotions.  


Hiro’s world turns destructive and dark when he discovers the creatures are being infected by a sickness that is driving them insane. While Hiro investigates the cause of this sickness, a new Dark power appears that has the potential to devastate both the human and Spirit world.


Darkness and Death, Monsters and Madness clash in a world gone insane.

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